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Speculative Design Sprint day 7 & 8: User Testing

With our hologram prototype set up and ready to go, we were ready for the final, and most important step of our speculative design sprint: user testing.

While Thomas conducted the user tests, we had the remaining participants on the Zoom call with their mics and video off, observing and taking notes. We repeated this process with 6 user testers, and gathered a ton of useful data.

Once the final interview was complete, the sprint participants came together to synthesize our notes and identify any patterns of behaviour that were common across different interviews. Here are some of our big takeaways:


All participants appreciated how frictionless the experience was to get EI.


Five of six participants had a delightful experience. There was a lot of laughter over the course of the interviews, as participants enjoyed the novelty of the hologram.

Top Choice

Half of participants asked to hear about working vacation options before hearing about any other options.

(This led us to wonder whether it might be a good idea to offer working visas to seasonal workers during the existing Employment Insurance application process. What a neat pilot program that could be!).


Half of participants expressed the would like the ability to choose their avatar and personalize it.


One third of participants expressed privacy concerns.

Helpful Options

Two thirds of participants appreciated the range of options presented (find a job, find training, working vacation, take time off).

More Options Needed

Two thirds of participants wanted to see a more holistic range of options, including help with career changes, and access to counselling.

Prediction is Appreciated

This is was the central hypothesis we wanted to test: how would clients react to having their needs predicted, and appropriate solutions recommended? All of our participants appreciated the proactive, predictive approach the hologram took.

This has big implications for our work going forward; to see how it plays out in our future concierge work, stay tuned to our blog!